Double Glazing, Bournemouth

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Double Glazing, Bournemouth

Supply high quality double glazing throughout the Bournemouth area, here at Pure Trade Windows we specialise in the highest standards of product quality and customer service.

Our selection of double glazed windows is exceptionally versatile, including: Casement Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows, Sliding Sash Windows, French Casement Windows, Flush Sash Windows and Bay Windows.

Our range of double glazed doors will leave you spoilt for choice, including: Front Doors, Back Doors, Stable Doors, Composite Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors and Bi-Fold Doors.

Superior Double Glazing

Setting the double glazing standard, Pure Trade Windows are happy to offer a double glazing range that effortlessly combines function and form.

Our whole double glazing range achieves superior standards of thermal efficiency, security and design.

Liniar double glazing bournemouthMarket-Leading Double Glazing

Innovative double glazing design is imperative to achieving the quality that we do.

The Liniar uPVC profile is used throughout our double glazing range, and utilises a myriad of features to achieve an industry leading design that will greatly benefit your Bournemouth property.

Yale Double Glazing BournemouthSecure Double Glazing

Achieving unprecedented double glazing security, we use the combination of the Liniar profile and Yale’s locking systems to secure your Bournemouth home.

Integrated reinforcement is installed in our double glazing range, thanks to the Liniar profile. This increases structural robustness, and minimises the need for any costly steel reinforcement to secure your Bournemouth property.

Premium double glazing security is ensured by Yale’s high security shootbolt locking systems. These feature a world-class design, and come with a 10-year mechanical guarantee. With Yale looking after your Bournemouth home, you can rest easy.

Double Glazing Options

Customising your double glazing allows you to tailor your Bournemouth property’s aesthetic. Featuring a large range of colours, including the very popular ‘Anthracite Grey’, glass designs and accessories, we’re confident we’ll find the right design for you.

BFRC Double Glazing BournemouthEnergy Efficient Double Glazing

All of our double glazing products are BFRC approved, achieving an A+14 on their prestigious WER scale. This means that our double glazing will impressively increase the heat retention of your Bournemouth property.

This means you’ll spend less on your heating bills, and notably reduce your carbon footprint. What’s not to like?

Double Glazed Windows

We offer a fantastic range of double glazed windows, all of which will be a beautiful and functional addition to your Bournemouth property.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows offer an effortless standard of double glazing simplicity and sophistication.

Double glazing security is guaranteed throughout our Casement Windows with the combination of a high security shootbolt locking system from Yale, hinge protection and durable hardware that has been tested to 20,000 cycles.  Keep you and your family safe in your Bournemouth home with our Casement Windows.

Beautiful double glazing aesthetic is yours to behold with the Casement Windows chamfered rebate and slim sightlines. Simplicity, elegance and enhanced views for your property in Bournemouth with our Casement Windows.

Capable of achieving a WER of A+14, the energy efficiency of your home will reach new heights with our double glazing.Casement Window Double Glazing Bournemouth

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows are practical, multi-functional and stylishly designed.

Increasing double glazing functionality, Tilt and Turn Windows offer an innovative ‘tilt’ function. This allows for secure ventilation, meaning you can increase air flow without compromising on security.

Perfect for high-rise Bournemouth properties, or upstairs windows, Tilt and Turn Windows offer 90° turn angle for incredibly easy cleaning. Keep your double glazing glistening, with our Tilt and Turn Windows.

Further security is ensured for your Bournemouth home by the installation of Yale’s world-class high security shootbolt locking system. Our double glazing will hold steadfast against any attempted break-ins.

Incredibly thermally efficient double glazing, our Tilt and Turn Windows are capable of achieving and A+14 rating on the WER scale. This is the best achievable, and will keep your home warm all year round.Tilt and Turn Window Double Glazing Bournemouth

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash windows offer a timeless and beautiful double glazing aesthetic for your Bournemouth property.

Combining double glazing innovation with times gone by, our Sliding Sash Windows feature a deep bottom rail to stay true to its heritage. When combined with the decorative sash horns, our Sliding Sash Windows will achieve the ultimate sash window aesthetic for your Bournemouth home.

Thermally efficient and secure, our Sliding Sash Windows can achieve an A+14 on the WER scale, and are secured by Yale’s high security shootbolt locking system. This ensures the highest quality of double glazing available.Sash Window Double Glazing Bournemouth

French Casement Windows

French Casement Windows combine all the best features of the Casement Window with a taste of the continental.

Offering fantastic double glazing accessibility, French Casement Windows operate on a 90° turn angle. When this is combined with one sash carrying the mullion, it allows for a very wide opening. This ensures unrestricted views, and can be used as an emergency escape should you need to exit your Bournemouth home in a hurry.

As standard, our French Casement Windows are secured by Yale, and are capable of achieving a WER of A+14. Get the best double glazing available for your Bournemouth home, with Pure Trade Windows.French Casement Window Double Glazing Bournemouth

Flush Sash Windows

Our Flush Sash Windows are inspired by classic timber joinery, which allows them to bring a beautiful sense of heritage to modern double glazing innovation.

With a slim double glazing appearance, and a multitude of double glazing accessories, our Flush Sash Windows can be fully tailored to how you want them. The monkey tail handle, for example, is a great way to really seal the traditional sash look aesthetic.

Safe and secure double glazing, all of our Flush Sash Windows can be fitted with child restrictors. This keeps your little ones safe in your Bournemouth home. To increase double glazing security further, all of our Flush Sash Windows are secured by Yale’s market-leading high security shootbolt system.

Achieving the highest standards of double glazing thermal efficiency, all of our Flush Sash Windows can reach a WER of A+14.Flush Sash Window Double Glazing Bournemouth

Bay Windows

Bringing a sense of grandeur to your double glazing – Bay Windows are a fantastic way to increase views and natural light allowance, whilst simultaneously offering a sense of height and space.

With contemporary, subtle trimming and slim sightlines, Bay Windows create a harmony between modern and traditional double glazing.

To ensure double glazing security, all of our Bay Windows can be fitted with structural bay poles, which are incorporated through the cill onto a hidden bearing plate. When combined with Yale’s high security shootbolt locking system, our Bay Windows achieve an impressive level of double glazing security.Double Glazing Bournemouth

Double Glazed Doors

Double glazed doors can be a powerful focal point for your Bournemouth home. That’s why we offer a comprehensive and versatile range, to make sure we have the right choice for you.

Front Doors

A front door is essential in helping to dictate home dynamic. Our unprecedented choice of panel designs and glazing options allows you to really achieve the front door aesthetic you’re after for your home in Bournemouth.

Combining high quality double glazing with enhanced accessibility, our Front Doors can be fitted with a low threshold to ensure ease-of-access to wheelchair and pushchair users into your Bournemouth property.

All of our Front Doors achieve the highest standards of thermal efficiency and security with Yale’s high security shootbolt locking system and an A+14 WER.

Enhance your Bournemouth home with our high quality double glazing.Front Door Double Glazing Bournemouth

Back Doors

Here at Pure Trade Windows, we know it’s important that a back door is reliable, and easy to use. Choose a back door from our double glazing range today, and benefit from the highest standards available for your Bournemouth home.

Our Back Doors are incredibly safety-conscious. Featuring a push bar panic door system, a back door from us will allow a swift emergency escape should your safety ever be compromised in your Bournemouth property.

By fitting our Back Doors with superior weather gaskets, a back door from our double glazing range will hold steadfast against the elements, and ensure protection against even the harshest of weather conditions.

Secured by Yale, all of our Back Doors utilise a high security shootbolt locking system. Keep your Bournemouth home safe with our double glazing.

As standard for our whole double glazing range, our Back Doors can achieve an A+14 WER, which is the highest available.Back Door Double Glazing Bournemouth

Stable Doors

Multi-functional and traditional, our Stable Doors are an ideal way to enhance your Bournemouth property’s aesthetic whilst bringing a sense of traditional charm.

Stable doors offer intelligent and multi-functional design, by implementing two halves that can operate independently. This means you can allow access and ventilation without compromising on door security.

Our Stable Doors achieve an A+14 WER, and both sashes are fitted with double drip bars to ensure a high standard of weather tightness.

If you’re looking for peace of mind in your Bournemouth home, you can end the search with our Yale secured Stable Doors, which use high security shootbolt locking systems to achieve the highest standards of domestic security available.Stable Door Double Glazing Bournemouth

Composite Doors

Composite doors combine the traditional look of timber, with the low maintenance benefits of modern double glazing advancements. Our Composite Doors will never rot, warp or need re-varnishing.

Utilising a variety of modern materials and Yale’s high security shootbolt locking systems, Composite Doors combine inherent strength, with world-class security to achieve long lasting, and superior security.

Available in a range of colours, and capable of achieving an A+14 WER, Composite Doors are a product that are easy on the eye, and the energy bills.Composite Door Double Glazing Bournemouth

French Doors

French Doors are an elegant, practical and beautiful way to connect your Bournemouth home with your garden.

Exceptional aesthetics are made possible in our French Doors by slimline 2D hinges and an exclusive milled threshold. These combine to create a seamless and consistent appearance to your French Doors.

A low milled threshold is also available, to ensure easy access into your Bournemouth property by wheelchair and pushchair users.

Intelligently designed, our French Doors feature door restrictors which stop our French Doors opening past their set angle and causing damage to the hinges, or the wall behind.

As standard, all of our French Doors achieve the highest standards of security thanks to Yale, and can obtain an unrivalled WER of A+14.French Door Double Glazing Bournemouth

Patio Doors

Patio Doors are great way to save space in your Bournemouth home. By eliminating the need for swing space, Patio Doors allow you to utilise space better. You can even place decorative items, such as vases, on either side of the Patio Door.

Achieving high levels of thermal efficiency, our Patio Doors can obtain a WER of A+14, which is the highest score available.

Operating on a beautifully smooth multi-wheeled, air-glide system, our Patio Doors maintain a flawless and effortlessly easy and silent operation.

Highly secure and safety conscious, our Patio Doors are secured by Yale’s high security, shootbolt system.

Every patio door locking system features a ‘finger-traps-free’ design which helps protect your little loved ones from hurting themselves.Patio Doors Double Glazing Bournemouth

Bi-Fold Doors

Innovative, spacious and contemporary, our Bi-Fold Doors are the ultimate door.

Our Bi-Fold doors are fantastic at saving space, with the slim frame designed to leave 90% of the aperture completely unobstructed.

Consisting of high quality and aesthetically pleasing hardware, our Bi-Fold Doors feature an in-board mounted stainless steel track which conceals any unsightly hardware, keeping your Bournemouth home looking great.

Beautifully sleek and with ultra-low thresholds, our bi-fold doors are compliant with Part M of building regulations. Thresholds can be fitted as low as 24mm, and you can also opt for a wheelchair access ramp. Your friends and family will be able to access your Bournemouth home, effortlessly.

Combing Yale’s high security, shootbolt locking system with an A+14 WER, our bi-fold doors achieve the highest standards of security around.Bi-Fold Doors Double Glazing Bournemouth

Double Glazing Prices

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