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Superior Patio Doors

Here at Pure we offer the definitive uPVC patio door, that greatly surpasses other patio doors in quality, reliability and design. They are the only choice for any homeowner looking for a patio door that provides the highest standards of quality across the board, including thermal efficiency, security and durability.

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Accessible Patio Doors

Every uPVC patio door we offer features a slim stepped 86mm outer frame. This eliminates the need for a bulky frame, therefore enhancing views and allowing natural light to flood in. Enjoy better views of your garden, and simultaneously brighten your home with these exceptional Patio doors.

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Enhanced Security

For added security, our Patio doors contain internally sliding panel and an ‘anti-jacking’ design. This ensures that easy access cannot be gained from your property exterior. This is combined with a high security, six point locking system which ensures outstanding levels of security.

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Exceptional Thermal Efficiency

All of our patio doors feature a 3 chamber sash, which ensures maximum thermal efficiency. This is combined with built in seals and double glazed units to offer a premium standard of weather insulation.

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Beautiful Aesthetic

As well as being functionally superior, sliding doors from us will also be incredibly pleasing to the eye. All gearing and fixings are concealed, which means the patio door functions perfectly, without compromising on appearance.

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Secured by Design Sliding Doors

The Secured by Design standard of home security is backed by a police initiative. This means you can achieve the ultimate in home security via patio doors that have undergone extensive testing for crime prevention.

Choose Your Colour

Stock Colours


Rosewood / Rosewood

Rosewood / White

Light Oak / Light Oak Tan

Light Oak / White


Anthracite Grey / White

Black Brown / White

Premium Plus

Cream / Cream

White / White

FoilExpress Colours


Dark Red

Brilliant Blue

Steel Blue

Dark Green

Chartwell Green

Agate Grey

Anthracite Grey

Grained Anthracite

Signal Grey

Basalt Grey

Hazy Grey

Slate Grey



Light Oak

Natural Oak

Rustic Oak

Dark Oak

Swamp Oak


English Oak

Black Brown

Premium Plus



Irish Oak

Slate Grey (Finesse)



Glass Options

Arctic Glass Ferndown
Autumn Glass Ferndown
Chantilly Glass Ferndown
Charcoal Sticks Glass Ferndown
Charcoal Sticks
Contora Glass Ferndown
Cotswold Glass Ferndown
Digital Glass Ferndown
Everglade Glass Ferndown
Flemish Glass Ferndown
Florielle Glass Ferndown
Mayflower Glass Ferndown
Minster Glass Ferndown
Oak Glass Ferndown
Pelerine Glass Ferndown
Stippolyte Glass Ferndown
Sycamore Glass Ferndown
Taffeta Glass Ferndown
Warwick Glass Ferndown

Hand Finishing

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Step 1

All corner contours are checked for appearance and refinished by hand using precision chisels to guarantee a smooth finish.

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Step 2

The outside edges are levelled at the corners, using engineered contour blocks, to maintain the sash's square silhouette once hung into the frame.

Precision engineered double glazing Ferndown

Step 3

To maintain uniformity, each corner groove is checked for an even depth and manually deepened if found to be too shallow.

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Step 4

All apertures are inspected for weld build-up in the corners, with any protrusion removed to ensure tight weather seals.

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