Add Character To Your Home

Enhance Your View

Our beautiful bay windows will provide you with a wider and brighter view of the outside, giving you lots of natural light.

Contemporary Style

Our bay windows have conservative trim detailing which gives you a classic appearance whilst providing a subtle, modern twist.

Transform Your Property

Add great value to your home by creating a wonderful sense of height and space with our beautiful bay windows.

A Slimmer Profile

Increase the flow of natural light and enhance your field of view with our super sleek bay windows.

Low Maintenance

Interior and exterior joint couplings help prevent dust traps from forming, making upkeep a breeze.

Strong & Secure

Structural bay poles can be incorporated through the cill onto a hidden bearing plate making our bay windows incredibly secure.

The Liniar Profile

The Perfect Profile

Enhance your home with the most technically advanced uPVC window system in the UK. Liniar’s ground breaking profile system is the only profile system to have been designed in the 21st century. This is not only to meet the technical requirements of today, but also to provide innovative solutions to long standing product compromises. Liniar profiles are manufactured using 100% lead free materials.

The Liniar profile comes with a 10 year guarantee against cracking, warping or discolouration from the date of installation.

Liniar Profile uPVC Window Ferndown
Glazing Flipper Ferndown

Glazing Flipper

Unique ‘glazing flipper’ gasket reduces cold transfer, water ingress and noise pollution.

Multi Chambered uPVC profile Ferndown


Size-optimised chambers break up mini convection currents locking in pockets of warm air.

Double glazing Gaskets Ferndown

Superior Gaskets

High performance (patented) double-action gaskets maintain tight weather seals.

robust uPVC profile Ferndown

Integrated Reinforcing

Internal structures provide exceptional rigidity whilst minimising the need for steel reinforcing.

uPVC profile Drainage Ferndown

Positive Drainage

Specially designed profile contours maximise natural drainage and prevent moisture build-up.

Thermal uPVC Ferndown

Thermal Dam

Designed to Passivhaus recommendations, the thermal dam reduces heat transfer.

Stylish Colour Choices

White uPVC Ferndown
Anthracite uPVC Ferndown
Anthracite (Grained)
Anthracite uPVC Ferndown
Anthracite (Matte)
Basalt uPVC Ferndown
Black uPVC Ferndown
Black Foil
Burgundy uPVC Ferndown
Chartwell Green uPVC Ferndown
Chartwell Green
Cedarwood uPVC Ferndown
Cream uPVC Ferndown
Cream Foil
Dark Blue uPVC Ferndown
Dark Blue
Dark Green uPVC Ferndown
Dark Green
Dark Grey uPVC Ferndown
Dark Grey
Dark Red uPVC Ferndown
Dark Red
Golden Oak uPVC Ferndown
Golden Oak
Irish Oak uPVC Ferndown
Irish Oak
Ivory uPVC Ferndown
Light Grey uPVC Ferndown
Light Grey
Mahogany uPVC Ferndown
Rosewood uPVC Ferndown
White uPVC Ferndown
White Foil


All our Liniar windows are available with optional Yale shootbolt high security locking systems.

10 Year Mechanical Guarantee

Every Yale shootbolt window locking system is guaranteed against mechanical failure for 10 years after installation.

£1,000 Security Guarantee

The Yale shootbolt locking system Security Guarantee means you will receive up to £1,000 towards home content insurance in the unlikely event of a break in.

Secured By Design Accredited

The Yale shootbolt locking system has been accredited with Secured by design police preferred specification, the highest possible level of protection against forced entry.

British Standard Institute Specification

All components are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and tested to the latest BSI security criteria pertaining to windows and doors.

Handle Styles
Monkey Tail

Outstanding Craftsmanship

quality uPVC Ferndown

Step 1

All corner contours are checked for appearance and refinished by hand using precision chisels to guarantee a smooth finish.

Double Glazing craftsmanship Ferndown

Step 2

The outside edges are levelled at the corners, using engineered contour blocks, to maintain the sash's square silhouette once hung into the frame.

Precision engineered double glazing Ferndown

Step 3

To maintain uniformity, each corner groove is checked for an even depth and manually deepened if found to be too shallow.

handcrafted uPVC double glazing Ferndown

Step 4

All apertures are inspected for weld build-up in the corners, with any protrusion removed to ensure tight weather seals.

Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

Lead Free double glazing Ferndown

Lead Free

Our windows are 100% lead free. The dangers of lead are well known and we are extremely proud to supply one of the few window systems to offer an entirely lead free range of products.

recyclable uPVC Ferndown


Our uPVC windows are extremely robust and do not need expensive steel reinforcement. They are therefore 100% recyclable making them a truly environmentally friendly product.

uPVC Ferndown

Low Carbon Footprint

Having uPVC windows installed throughout your property will reduce the amount of energy you use and can lower your CO2 emissions by approximately 2/3 of a tonne (680kg) each year.

energy efficient uPVC Ferndown

Energy Saving Trust

Our uPVC windows are endorsed to display the "Energy Saving Recommend" logo. Only products that meet strict energy efficiency criteria are eligible to display this label.

Obscure Glass Options from Pilkington

Arctic Glass Ferndown
Autumn Glass Ferndown
Chantilly Glass Ferndown
Charcoal Sticks Glass Ferndown
Charcoal Sticks
Contora Glass Ferndown
Cotswold Glass Ferndown
Digital Glass Ferndown
Everglade Glass Ferndown
Flemish Glass Ferndown
Florielle Glass Ferndown
Mayflower Glass Ferndown
Minster Glass Ferndown
Oak Glass Ferndown
Pelerine Glass Ferndown
Stippolyte Glass Ferndown
Sycamore Glass Ferndown
Taffeta Glass Ferndown
Warwick Glass Ferndown

Hinge Options

double glazing Hinge Ferndown

Standard Hinge

Our standard hinges are manufactured exclusively in Britain from highly durable stainless steel. They offer superb anti-corrosion qualities and are available with an optional austenitic finish for additional corrosion protection for properties located on or near the coastline.

Easy Clean Hinge Ferndown

Easy Clean Hinge

As the name suggersts, easy clean hinges provide access to both faces of the window so that cleaning is easy and hassle free, whilst providing the same safety benefits of an egress hinge. This is a particularly well-suited option for properties where the outside of the window is hard to reach.

Egress Hinge Ferndown

Fire Egress Hinge

Just like standard hinges, our egress hinges provides smooth and trouble free operation for the duration of the product lifecycle, with the added benefit of an options stay arm geometry. This provides an increased clear opening area to escape through in the event of a fire.

Trojan Mega Egress Hinge Ferndown

Trojan Mega Egress Hinge

Our highest specification fiction stay, the "Mega" egress hinge incorporates the featured of all other hinge types, whilst having a much higher load baring capacity. Specifying this hinge is a necessity when opting for triple glazing, due to the additional weight of the 3rd pane of glass.

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