Stable Doors

uPVC Stable Dooors

Multi-Functional Design

uPVC Stable doors comprise a signature two sash design, operating on the top and bottom half of the door. With this design, you’ll be able to increase the ventilation and views of your home without compromising on home security or the safety of your loved ones.

Aluminium Stable Doors

Timeless Appearance

uPVC Stable doors can be tailored to suit a wide range of properties while still offering their definitive country appearance. Whether your home is new or old, we’ll be able to offer you a door style that perfectly suits your personal tastes throughout.

Composite Stable Doors

Modern Design

Offering the best of both worlds, our uPVC stable doors offer a beautifully traditional appearance that has been brought into the modern age with a contemporary profile design. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy modern standards of door performance.

Profile22 - Market Leading Door System

The Definitive Profile

Profile22 doors offer exceptional quality and are designed to last for years. They are treated and fabricated out of material that can withstand the fickle and adverse British weather and the uPVC frames require little to no care; lasting at least 10 years.

They are also fitted with long-lasting components, which means that all of the operational hardware is extremely durable. This is why our doors come with professionally-fitted and robust fittings for quality that is set to last.

Our Profile22 doors also feature stainless steel friction stays that have been tested for security and performance. They are resistant to corrosion and are easy to clean for peace of mind.

Colour Options

Stock Colours


Rosewood / Rosewood (Brown Base)
Rosewood / White PVC-U (White Base)
Light Oak / Light Oak (Tan Base)
Light Oak / White PVC-U (White Base)


Anthracite Grey / Anthracite Grey (Brown Base
Anthracite Grey / White PVC-U (White Base)
Black Brown / Black Brown (Brown Base)
Black Brown / White PVC-U (White Base)

Premium Plus

Cream / Cream (Cream Base)
White / White (White Base)

Foil Express Colours


Dark Red
Brilliant Blue
Double Glazed Doors Parkstone
Steel Blue
Chartwell Green
Agate Grey
Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey (Smooth)
Signal Grey
Double Glazed Doors Parkstone
Slate Grey
Basalt Grey
Hazy Grey
Natural Oak
Double Glazed Doors Parkstone
Light Oak
Dark Oak
Rustic Oak
Double Glazed Doors Parkstone
Swamp Oak
Black Brown
English Oak

Premium Plus

Irish Oak
Siena PR
Slate Grey (Finesse)

Maximum Security

Our Profile22 window fittings are tested for strength as well as performance. The designs that we offer specialise in working towards keeping your home safe, featuring reinforced hinges and strong frames. All our components comply with the current BSI criteria for safety and security, for your complete peace of mind.

High Security Locking System

Home security is guaranteed with the assurance of a high security, multi-point locking system. These locks are integrated into the door frame to ensure they can't be used as a leverage point for any would-be intruders. Secure complete peace of mind with this impressive design.

Secured by Design

The Profile22 system is accredited by Secured By Design. This is the highest recommended specification recommended by the police to prevent a forced entry, and is only awarded after an extensive and comprehensive testing process.

Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

uPVC Ferndown

Carefully Manufactured

The Profile22 design is manufactured under the environmental quality standard ISO: 14001 and using raw materials responsibly sourced to the standards of BES 6001. This results in a notably lowered carbon footprint.

recyclable uPVC Ferndown


Our Profile22 windows feature a recycled cavity closer system for new-build applications, as well as recycled composite reinforcements and thermal inserts. They are also fully recyclable for sustainability throughout.


To ensure heat loss is minimised in your home, we install superior gaskets ensure the tightest possible seal against the elements outside. This keeps the cold out and the heat in for effective energy management.

Lead Free double glazing Ferndown

100% Lead-Free

Lead is well known for its negative effects on the environment. The Profile22 build is 100% lead-free, ensuring you can enhance your home with market-leading quality in a completely environmentally friendly way.

Obscure Glass Options from Pilkington

Arctic Glass Ferndown
Autumn Glass Ferndown
Chantilly Glass Ferndown
Charcoal Sticks Glass Ferndown
Charcoal Sticks
Contora Glass Ferndown
Cotswold Glass Ferndown
Digital Glass Ferndown
Everglade Glass Ferndown
Flemish Glass Ferndown
Florielle Glass Ferndown
Mayflower Glass Ferndown
Minster Glass Ferndown
Oak Glass Ferndown
Pelerine Glass Ferndown
Stippolyte Glass Ferndown
Sycamore Glass Ferndown
Taffeta Glass Ferndown
Warwick Glass Ferndown

Profile 22 – A Versatile uPVC Stable Door System

uPVC stable doors are unique. The top and bottom sections can open independently or together. Because of this, it’s possible to ventilate your home during warmer weather, while preventing access to the outside – a perfect solution if you have a young family.

Stable doors are often chosen as back doors; they can also be used as an entrance into a home. The rustic charm of our uPVC stable doors combines with a contemporary edge that makes it a suitable addition to almost any property – be it new-build or heritage.

Stay Safe and Secure

Keep your home protected day and night by installing one of our Profile 22 uPVC stable doors. Each profile complies in full with BSI criteria, so you will be able to make your purchase with complete confidence.

Secure Locking

The technology used to build our Profile22 uPVC stable doors will stop almost all intruders in their tracks. Even when you’re at home, you can protect your property from intruders by opening the top section only.

uPVC Stable Doors Prices

An Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient Choice

Built to the Highest Standard

The Profile22 design has been created with the environment in mind. It meets all criteria defined by ISO: 14001 – which is the recognised environmental quality standard – and has also been awarded BES: 6001, because it is built using responsibly sourced materials.

Superb Thermal Performance

Keeping your home or conservatory warm is high on your list of priorities. Fortunately, our Profile22 uPVC stable doors are each fitted with gasket technology that stops the cold air creeping in, while stopping hot air from escaping – resulting in a space that’s comfortable.

Sustainable uPVC Stable Doors

The Profile 22 stable doors we install for our customers have been built using a sustainable approach. That’s because certain elements within each profile have been built using recycled elements – a process that is ecologically and environmentally friendly.

There’s No Lead in Our Doors

Profile22 uPVC stable doors contain no lead, a material that can have a devastating impact on the environment. When you buy this style of door from Pure Windows, you’ll be making a choice that is ethical and affordable and which will have the right green impact.

Rustic Charm with a Touch of Contemporary Innovation

Our uPVC stable doors are the perfect accompaniment for almost any home. Whether your property is new-build or of classic style, our Profile22 doors will look stunning and act as a wonderful focal point that visitors will remark on.
The timeless appearance of Profile22 uPVC stable doors is supported by modern technology designed to deliver outstanding performance. From both an aesthetic and practical point of view, this is double glazing that truly excels.

Our Range and Expertise

Pure Windows offers a wide choice of Profile22 doors and windows. If you are about to embark on a home improvement or refurbishment project and need advice and guideline prices across a range of double glazing products, our experienced team can help.

To ask us a question about our Profile22 stable doors, you can call us directly on 01202 868717 or send us a message through our website, in which case a member of the Pure Windows team will call you back as a matter of priority.
For your ease and convenience, you can also get uPVC stable doors prices – plus quotes for other products, like conservatories and lantern roofs – by using our free online design tool to enter details about your requirements.

For a service that’s fast, but without compromising on quality, get in touch with Pure Windows today. We can complete a survey within 48 hours and could install your Profile 22 uPVC stable doors in as little as 7-10 working day

Profile 22 Sculptured System

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Profile 22 Chamfered System

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