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profile 22 flush sash windows southampton

Timber Alternative

Flush sash windows have remained popular with homeowners for their appealing appearance. The appeal is mainly due to the authentic period window look that were made out of wood. However, we know that wood is a difficult material to maintain.

If not sanded, polished and varnished, it will warp and buckle, or even start rotting. In order to solve that problem, we make our flush sash windows out of uPVC. This extremely sturdy and durable material requires a minimal amount of maintenance.

Its inherent strength means it lasts several years with no deterioration in performance. Moreover, the chamfered profile of our flush sash windows gives it the look of a genuine wooden window frame.

Choose a wooden finish instead of the standard white uPVC so that your customers can have windows that seem like the real deal! Our colour options include a range of timber finishes to give your customers the ultimate in choice.

flush sash windows southampton


Over time, wooden windows, no matter how well crafted, will let in some amount of water during wet weather. This is not just detrimental to the windows, since they would require cleaning and more frequent varnishing, but also to the property.

Frequent seepage may cause damp patches which need to be repaired if not treated properly. Long-term dampness may also cause mould, which can cause infection and illness. It may even damage furniture and other items in the house.

What our flush sash windows offer is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that these windows will keep the adverse effects of poor weather out of the property. A continuous seal gasket guarantees to keep water out.

The frames also have strategically placed contours that drain away any condensation that settles on the insides of the windows. This way, your customers won’t have to worry about the humidity inside the house.

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Thermal Efficiency

The uPVC window profiles come in a sleek chamfered profile which is more than just a style feature. The multiple chambers within the frame profile act as insulation pockets. The air trapped in these chambers helps retain heat efficiently.

This efficiency is produced through triple seals that offer improved weather resistance and can achieve WER A+ ratings. When installed with triple glazing an incredible U-value of 0.8 W/(M2.k) can be achieved.

The improved heat retention allows less energy to be used to heat the home. This in turn increases the efficiency of the central heating system, thereby controlling your customers’ energy bills, reducing carbon footprint.

You’re customers will be saving money for the long term while minimising any negative impact on the environment. This makes our flush sash windows an excellent choice for homeowners concerned about the environment.

Colour Options

Stock Colours


Rosewood / Rosewood (Brown Base)
Rosewood / White PVC-U (White Base)
Light Oak / Light Oak (Tan Base)
Light Oak / White PVC-U (White Base)


Anthracite Grey / Anthracite Grey (Brown Base
Anthracite Grey / White PVC-U (White Base)
Black Brown / Black Brown (Brown Base)
Black Brown / White PVC-U (White Base)

Premium Plus

Cream / Cream (Cream Base)
White / White (White Base)

Foil Express Colours


Dark Red
Brilliant Blue
Double Glazed Doors Parkstone
Steel Blue
Chartwell Green
Agate Grey
Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey (Smooth)
Signal Grey
Double Glazed Doors Parkstone
Slate Grey
Basalt Grey
Hazy Grey
Natural Oak
Double Glazed Doors Parkstone
Light Oak
Dark Oak
Rustic Oak
Double Glazed Doors Parkstone
Swamp Oak
Black Brown
English Oak

Premium Plus

Irish Oak
Siena PR
Slate Grey (Finesse)

Maximum Security

Our Profile22 window fittings are tested for strength as well as performance. The designs that we offer specialise in working towards keeping homes safe, featuring reinforced hinges and strong frames. All our components comply with the current BSI criteria for safety and security, for the complete peace of mind of your customers.

High Security Locking System

Home security is guaranteed with the assurance of a high security, multi-point locking system. These locks are integrated into the door frame to ensure they can't be used as a leverage point for any would-be intruders. Secure new business with this impressive selling point.

Secured by Design

The Profile22 system is accredited by Secured By Design, the highest recommended specification endorsed by the police to prevent a forced entry, and is only awarded after an extensive and comprehensive testing process.

Handle Options

Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

uPVC Ferndown

Carefully Manufactured

The Profile22 design is manufactured under the environmental quality standard ISO: 14001 and using raw materials responsibly sourced to the standards of BES 6001. This results in a notably lowered carbon footprint.

recyclable uPVC Ferndown


Our Profile22 windows feature a recycled cavity closer system for new-build applications, as well as recycled composite reinforcements and thermal inserts. They are also fully recyclable for sustainability throughout.


To ensure heat loss is minimised, superior gaskets ensure the tightest possible seal against the outside elements. Your customers can keep the cold out and the heat in for effective energy management.

Lead Free double glazing Ferndown

100% Lead-Free

Lead is well known for its negative effects on the environment. The Profile22 build is 100% lead-free, ensuring any property can be enhanced with market-leading quality in a completely environmentally friendly way.

Obscure Glass Options from Pilkington

Arctic Glass Ferndown
Autumn Glass Ferndown
Chantilly Glass Ferndown
Charcoal Sticks Glass Ferndown
Charcoal Sticks
Contora Glass Ferndown
Cotswold Glass Ferndown
Digital Glass Ferndown
Everglade Glass Ferndown
Flemish Glass Ferndown
Florielle Glass Ferndown
Mayflower Glass Ferndown
Minster Glass Ferndown
Oak Glass Ferndown
Pelerine Glass Ferndown
Stippolyte Glass Ferndown
Sycamore Glass Ferndown
Taffeta Glass Ferndown
Warwick Glass Ferndown

Flush Specifications

Profile22 Window Systems

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Flush Specifications

Profile22 Window Systems

Check out our other useful double glazing brochures.

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